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MTRC #022 Kimman - Lightning

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From the beautiful city of Ghent the young Kimmans land in Metrica. It was love at first sight. We were following this duo on their various releases and always wanted to welcome them on our label. Two powerhouses on the dancefloor present us with “LIghtning”. The first track that gives name to the release we find an aggressive and sophisticated melody that will hook us from the moment we listen to it. As the track progresses this mystery is unveiled with the help of elements that will make it finally explode. “Round Corner” is elegance in a musical piece. The fragmented voice that runs through the track along with a bass line with groove is perfectly designed so that the listeners attention is attracted by the magic that composes it. These are the two proposals that Kimman presents us to make a release that will travel the best dance floors around the world.

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Metrica is a collective formed in Malaga whose objective is to share the experience of advanced music, through its record label and the organization of events that allow interconnecting the community of lovers of this artistic expression.

Formed in 2013, Metrica has lived and grown through different stages, but always with a personal identity since its inception. The combination of the elements of location, environment and music, make for a foundation upon which a unique musical experience has built.