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MTRC #013 Bumppo, Philip Auster - Monstera

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Italian duo Bumpoo and Philip Auster present “Monstera”. This release with an experimental character is the thirteenth reference of Metrica. The Ep is composed by two original tracks, “Monstera” that gives name to the release and “Madly”, plus a fantastic remix of the Spanish Novakk. The first track, “Monstera”, has a combination of very aggressive percussions that combined with a catchy melody and sporadic vocals make for a sexy story full of originality. Novakk´s version pays homage to classic Indie Dance with a bassline that gives movement to the whole dancefloor. It runs true with the main melody but combines it with hints of elation that makes the track stay with you. “Madly” is undoubtedly the most experimental piece of the release, the aggressive kick and the drum game bewitches you and keeps you expectant with its arpeggio that plays at the same time. One of the most original releases we´ve had so far, enjoy Monstera.

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Metrica Stories #16 Novakk

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Métrica is a collective formed in Malaga whose objective is to share the experience of advanced music, through its record label and the organization of events that allow interconnecting the community of lovers of this artistic expression.

Formed in 2013, Métrica has lived and grown through different stages, but always with a personal identity since its inception. The combination of the elements of location, environment and music, make for a foundation upon which a unique musical experience has built.


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