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MTRC#016 Vini Pistori - Double Feeling

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From Sao Paulo (Brazil) Vini Pastori shows us his talent in this great release. With a clear commitment to Indie Dance his three tracks promise to charge energy through dance floors around the world. “Double Feeling” is the name of this work where the psychedelia of its melody plays a fundamental role and develops together with the energetic bass throughout the track. “Amoeba” shows us a more melancholic feeling with a synth that keeps the tension constant. The third track “Interlude” reminds us of classic electro combined with current sounds. This eases this masterpiece to be remembered in our minds. In the last track of this beautiful story the incredible Italian producer Aldebaran creates the magnificent version of “Double Feeling” filling it with power and majesty to complete a great magical work. Our sixteenth reference is interpreted as a great piece of quality.

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Metrica Stories #18 Vini Pistori

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Métrica is a collective formed in Malaga whose objective is to share the experience of advanced music, through its record label and the organization of events that allow interconnecting the community of lovers of this artistic expression.

Formed in 2013, Métrica has lived and grown through different stages, but always with a personal identity since its inception. The combination of the elements of location, environment and music, make for a foundation upon which a unique musical experience has built.


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