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13.07.2024 | 00:00

Metrica Open Air

Open Air

We are excited to share our first Open Air event of the season with these great artists. Yet More (Innervisions, Siamese) Auggië (Innervisions, Borders Of Light) Miguel Payda (Sum Over Histories, Metrica) Intervalo (Metrica) Tellez Katia Gertner | I First Release Available | Club Hípico “El Pinar” – Camino de los Almendrales s/n, 29013, Málaga […]

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MTRC #026 Ben Biron, MeloSun. - A World Without Ego

M ref 026 COVER A

Ben Biron and MeloSun present their twenty-sixth release on Metrica: “A World Without Ego.” This title evokes a better future for everyone, weaving an idyllic narrative through a beautiful vocal. This narration is complemented by harmonic majesty, skillfully blending organic and synthesized elements into a hypnotic track. The Accent version is tailored for the dance floor, featuring a solid groove and impactful elements. Twisted synthesizers contribute to a more aggressive vision that intertwines with the organic essence of the original track. Diploids remix offers a deeper perspective on the original version, introducing a more elaborate narrative. An arpeggio stands out, integrating systematically with other beautiful elements, providing an enriching understanding of the composition. Collectively, this release is a beautiful experience, offering three differentiated tracks for different moments. “A World Without Ego” emerges as a musical paradigm that captures the artistic intentions of Ben Biron and MeloSun, inviting listeners to immerse themselves in a unique and captivating sonic reality.

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Metrica Stories #22 Maicol MP

About Metrica

Metrica is a collective formed in Malaga whose objective is to share the experience of advanced music, through its record label and the organization of events that allow interconnecting the community of lovers of this artistic expression.

Formed in 2013, Metrica has lived and grown through different stages, but always with a personal identity since its inception. The combination of the elements of location, environment and music, make for a foundation upon which a unique musical experience has built.