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MTRC #008 Jesse Trinidad - Arnika´s Way


Our 9th release “Arnika’s Way” comes from debut artist Jesse Trinidad. His 1st release comes in the form of a four track EP consisting of two melancholy & contemplative originals accompanied by two alternative remixes by none other than the production wizard Aera & Metrica’s head honcho Miguel Payda.

“Arnika’s Way” is the introductory track to the EP. Organic drums & percussion drive the track nestled between delicate synth lines & swells. Reserved & stripped back, Arnikas Way slowly entices the listener with its contemporary atmosphere and infectious melody. Trinidad’s essence is glittered throughout, born between the modernity of Europe & the classicism of Andalusia & North Africa.

Aera graced “Arnika” with a complete dance floor makeover. As expected his definitive style & elegance are prominent in his remix. A pacey & progressive journey leading the listener up to a tension building wormhole. The eminent artists remix stays true to the original keeping its main characteristics & driving force.

Miguel Payda’s version teases the listener by unraveling the inner workings of “Arnika” in a ritual manner. Combining the addition of ceremonial percussion & arrangements of the main lead showing “Arnika” the protagonist in a different light.

The Last Dance & coincidentally the last track of the Ep showcases Trinidad’s world of emotion & wonder. A romantic yet conflicting sentiment underlays throughout the track. A gentle symbiosis between the organic & electronic. A soft and steady arp propels the journey layered with bamboo hits and cosmic strings.

With support from Dixon, Trikk, Innellea & many more. The EP speaks for itself. A young fresh debut artist & a great addition to the label.

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Formado en 2013, y pasando por distintas etapas, desde sus inicios ha tenido una identidad muy personal. La conjunción entre la localización, el ambiente y la música, hacen que el concepto se base en una experiencia única con la unión de dichos elementos.


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